Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stepping Out on Faith: Cassandra Savage

Today's Stepping Out on Faith feature is on plus size boutique owner, Cassandra Savage.  Cassandra is the proud owner of Curvaceous Boutique in Virginia Beach, VA.

PASSION:  Plus size fashion
FORMER JOB: Finance/International Shipping
When did you discover your passion?
I've always had a passion for fashion; I attribute it to my grandmother, Daisy and mother, Lady E. These women of strength were the driving force for my keen sense of style and fashion. I stand on their shoulders as the pillars that were the inspiration and the foundation of Curvaceous Boutique.

What career field were you in before stepping out to start your own business?
I worked extensively in corporate America In the field of finance and international shipping. 

What was your "breaking point" when you knew it was time for you to do your own thing?
I worked in corporate America  for over 10 years. During  this  time  I  found  it  very  difficult  to  find clothing  that  was  trendy and  age appropriate.  I was corporately downsized in 2007.  Curvaceous  has  been  a  dream  of  mine  for  many  years. There was a need  for fashionable, trendy clothing and the  current  selections  in  commercial  retail  chains  was  less  than desirable. Fashion is set out the expression of an individual. Most today's trend attracts a majority of smaller size as opposed to plus size. It's a "faux pas" to walk around not looking your best when your are plus size.  After much prayer, I stepped out on faith and opened the doors of Curvaceous Boutique in 2007.

What has been one challenge in stepping out and running your own business?
As a business owner in 2012, I am faced with challenged of relationship clients vs. transitional clients and the unstable economy.  

What has been the best part? 
There is not one story I can pinpoint, but  the  constant testimonials via  email and phone  calls of  women  who have  been  inspired  and  transformed  because  of  me  and  my store has been great. My business is not just a store, it’s a ministry.  You  would  never  believe the  countless  young  girls  who were  depressed  because  they  could  not  fit  the clothes in  the mall  or women who  wanted  a sexy  dress  to  go out with  their  girlfriend, but  could  never  find  that  perfect  dress. I am constantly Encouraging, Embracing & Empowering young women to love their curves. I am constantly asked, "Where do you get your confidence from. I tell them Confidence is a girls BEST accessory!

What advice would you give others ready to step out? And specifically those who are interested in opening a retail store? 
Anyone looking to open a retail store should do their research.  There are 3 things people need to know about your business....Who, What & Where? The bible tell us to' Write the vision and make it clear.'  In other words, create a simple, clear plan of what you want.

For more info on Cassandra's boutique, visit her website here:

Monday, February 20, 2012

Video feature on AllThingsFab101.com!

Check out how she styled her Nneka Saran bag! :)

Post Valentine's Day

I was out of town on Valentine's Day so me and the hubby didn't get to celebrate until this past weekend! We had a great time. I wore a dress I purchased while in Dubai last month that I simply loved!! It was about $79 and I will have to post the name of the store I got it from when I get a chance. I wore it with a black Nneka Saran clutch (not pictured)..but here is a pic of me!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Hey yall! Check out my new updated website!!

PHILLY Trunk Show - FEB 25!!

LA & Vegas Trip

Last week I headed to LA with my friend and fellow designer, Natt Taylor! We had a blast and very productive trip! After LA, we headed to WWD MAGIC/Project tradeshow.  Here are some pics from the trip!

Me & Natt Fabric shopping in LA!
 Had a great brunch with Tanya from Majormusthaves.com
Total sweetheart!

We went to the Will.I.Am Benefit concert in LA

Me and Donamatrix, personal trainer to the stars, and my play brother!
Follow him on Twitter here!

Me setting up for LA Trunk Show!

Natt in front of her collection! Check her out at www.mydestini.com

Some of my lovely customers! :)

 Seminars at WWD MAGIC


Me & Natt

We saw Betsey Johnson there!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

RIP Whitney Houston!

I am completely devastated right now about the passing of Whitney Houston.  May she rest in peace and may God cover her family and friends during this time.  She will be greatly missed.

Monday, February 6, 2012

2012 Trunk Shows!


Photoshoot for Spring 2012!

This past weekend was my photoshoot for Spring 2012 and it went great! It was rather cold so I felt kinda bad for the models but they were troopers!  It was also rather cloudy out but we made it work. I was just glad it wasn't raining! Stay tuned for my new website launch and new bags very soon!

Here are a few pics I took on my phone during the shoot!

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