Friday, July 30, 2010


Congrats to Riyoshi Rabb of South Carolina for winning the giveaway!!

Thanks to everyone who participated! Stay tuned for more giveaways!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wedding Sweetheart Tables

A lot of couples today are opting to do sweetheart tables at their reception versus having the whole bridal party sit together. We did a sweetheart table and I personally love the idea of having the bride and groom have their own little table together.  All eyes are truly on the two lovebirds they should be on for that day!  Not to mention, my only problem with having your whole bridal party sit together is that if they bring a guest, that guest is left "alone" sitting at another table for almost half of the reception.  But some people like that set up and thats perfectly fine! Each couple should do whatever makes them happy!

Here is an example of a traditional set up with the whole bridal party sitting togehter:

Now here are some examples of sweetheart tables! Check these out and get inspired! :)

Most of these pictures came from Project Wedding

Bouquet Inspiration

Decisions, decisions! What kind of bouquet should you go with?  It's a pretty big decision seeing as how it will be in MOST of your pictures! No pressure though :)

Here are some pretty bouquets I found to give all you future brides some inspiration! :)

Also check out my other post on bouquets here

Photos from Instyle Weddings

Tuesday, July 27, 2010 GIVEAWAY extended!

Hey guys,
There is still time to enter to win CSN $40 giveaway! Go here to find out how to enter!
Contest is open to US & Canada residents only. 

I have extended it to this Thursday at noon! Good luck!


Smarty Had a Party

While planning our bestie's upcoming bridal shower, one of my other besties, Karee (also an aspiring caterer) told me about this really cool website....!  When I tell you they have the cutest little dishes ever, they seriously do! I'm in love with this site!  If you are planning a party, shower, or other event of some sort and are looking for elegant disposable dishes...this is the site to check out!  And they are pretty affordable too!  Here are a few of the cute dishes they offer and make sure you check out the chocolate shot glasses!! Perfect for filling with a mini dessert! 

Monday, July 26, 2010


Today I am featuring an absolutely gorgeous wedding done but the fabulous Mindy Weiss! In case you haven't heard of her, she is a great wedding planner/designer to the stars and those others that can afford her! :)

She recently posted a wedding she just did on her blog which turned out wonderful! Its literally breathtaking. I can only imagine how much was spent on this amazing wedding!  Check out some of the pics! My mouth is still open on this first pic....can you imagine going to a wedding and seeing the rose petals down the aisle look like this!!?

Friday, July 23, 2010 $40 GIVEAWAY!

I'm so excited to be doing my second giveaway! If you haven't heard of, you have been missing out! I recently came across the site and they have over 200 stores offering anything you can think of from furniture to kitchenware to shoes and bags.  

This contest is open to residents of US & Canada.  The winner will be emailed a gift certificate code for $40 to any one of their stores on

So how do you enter? Well with this giveaway, you have a few ways to enter:
1. Friend me on Facebook here if we aren't already friends & post a status update on your page with my blog link in it and tag me in the post.


2.  Follow me on Twitter here and tweet about my blog and this CSN Stores giveaway.  Don't forget to tag me in your tweet!


3. Follow my blog here on Blogger! Then email me your name

4.  Spread the word! Send an email blast out to at least 10 of your friends telling them to check out my blog!  And dont forget to copy me!

Easy peezy right!?  :)

P.S. The more followers I have, the more I am able to do these types of giveaways so help me get my numbers up pleeeezzzzzzzzzzzeee! :)

The contest closes on Tuesday, July 27 at midnight! Good Luck!! Winner will be announced on Wednesday, July 28.  Thanks! :)

Pretty in Pink Baby Shower

I found the cutest baby shower over at (one of my all time fav sites)! They went with an 80's theme based on the movie Pretty in Pink... check out this awesome pics and get inspired!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stepping Out on Faith: Crystal Morrison

Today's Stepping Out on Faith feature is on Crystal Morrison, owner of Chosen Girl, an online clothing boutique for women.

Passion:  Fashion

While attending Clark Atlanta University, Crystal discovered her passion for fashion.  After working as an assistant manager for a boutique and working as a personal assistant for a sales representative for a well known men’s clothing line, she knew that she wanted to further her career in fashion in some way.

Crystal has worked a number of different jobs over the years but always knew she wanted to start her own business one day.  While working as a field administrative assistant for the Capital Improvement Department  in Georgia , she applied for a part-time job as a restaurant server to have extra money to save for her business. About two months into working both jobs, she got laid off her full time salaried job. The surprising part is that she was very happy about it!  She was miserable at her full time job but working there made her realize that she wanted to work for herself.  It also showed her how much harder she needed to work to make her dreams come true.  During her time working there, she went through a period of worrying, feeling lost, and questioning her life.  She cried some days and some days she just did not understand God's plan for her life.  Thankfully, she had a good friend to help keep her encouraged and one day it just clicked.  It was then she completely gave God free range over her life.  Currently, she is still working as a restaurant server while building her business.

When asked what the best part of stepping out and running her own business is Crystal shares "It's waking up and doing something I love every single day. Sometimes at night I have a hard time going to sleep because I feel like I’m living my dreams. I am excited about my future and the journey ahead of me."

For others ready to step out, she suggests to just trust in God.  She didn't understand why she had to go through all she did to get this point but now it all makes sense.  "When you feel discouraged just go to Him in prayer.  My mom always tells me to just go to God and ask Him to guide me. Sometimes we want to understand right away, we want instant gratification, but sometimes you have to be patient and wait on the Lord. Being still and doing nothing is not the same thing", says Crystal.

In celebration of the launch of her new business, Chosen Girl, she is having a Girl’s Night Out Shopping Soiree on July 29th from 6-9 pm at Cali Chic Studio in Buckhead, Atlanta.  This event will allow the women of Atlanta to shop Chosen Girl’s inventory before it hits the web, enjoy complimentary cocktails, desserts, and appetizers and pamper themselves with beauty treatments such as manicures and mini-makeovers. For more info go to  You can also check out her website launching July 29!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


One great way to update your bedroom is switching out your headboards.  There are so many different styles of headboards out now, there are tons of looks to choose from!  I absolutely love the look of upholstered and tufted headboards! I think they really add a finished touch to a bedroom.  I think some of them are especially cute for a little girls girly! :)
I definitely plan to go with the tufted look in our bedroom when we move!

I have posted a few pics to give you an idea of some different looks. Check them out and get inspired!

You can find alot of these headboards over at !

Finished up my Floral Class!

Yesterday was my final floral class and  I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!  Our final project was creating a radial design which is a round, fan (one-sided), crescent, or hogarth curve (s-curve) shaped design. 

Here is what I did. I used calla lilies, roses, carnations, and a few other flowers and foliage.

I'm thinking about taking the Advanced class next in the fall... its pretty fun learning how to put different floral arrangements together and there is still sooo much more I have to learn!

Stay tuned! :)
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