Monday, February 28, 2011

Say What? Love at first sight…...

It felt as though I met my soul-mate or something.  I mean, my heart began to flutter, birds began to chirp, and I think I even heard a harp playing soft gentle music the moment we met.  There I was in Borders Bookstore, searching for my favorite monthly magazines minding my own business, when my eyes fell upon: Munaluchi Bridal!! “….for the bride who craves culture and style”.  And that’s exactly what this magazine delivers.

The pretty shiny cover that featured the gorgeous LaLa Vazquez (Carmelo Anthony’s Wife), in her Vera Wang gown, is what first caught my eye.  Immediately I began to flip through the pages and that’s when the indulging began.  Page after page unveiled beautiful women of color in stunning gowns and bridesmaid dresses.  It featured cute shoes, flowers, and of course engagement rings; I couldn’t get enough!

Oh, and Munaluchi also covers venues, cakes, invitations, decorations, and basically all things bridal.  Need I mention, this issue features 78 pages of real weddings, including a DIY wedding they titled “Urban Chic”, which totally reminded me of Nneka ;) 

I so love this magazine!  The only thing is, Munaluchi is published a mere 2 times a year, which is a complete bummer, yet since I adore it so much I won’t complain.  So check it out!  And FYI, they accept real wedding submissions!  Who knows, you may be in their next issue ;)  Maybe I’ll be in there too, then again  I guess I should get engaged first, lol!

Forever Chic,
Crystal Pearl

Guest Bloggers on All Things Creative!

I'm so excited to announce that starting today I will be featuring guest bloggers periodically!  And Im happy to welcome Crystal Pearl based in Chicago to Nneka Saran & my blog! Be sure to check out her postings coming up! :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

My thrift store find!!

Today I decided to stop by the thrift store to see if I could find any furniture pieces I could revamp and came across 2 chairs and a small ottoman!  I got all three pieces for $23!! What a steal!!  Stay tuned to see how I paint and reupholster these! I cant wait! :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stepping Out on Faith: Crystal Griffin

Today's Stepping Out on Faith feature is on Crystal Griffin, owner of Crystyles Boutique, in Atlanta, GA.  

Former Job:  Medical field
Passion:  Fashion

When did you discover your passion for fashion?
I discovered my passion for fashion around the age of 11.  I would always watch the runway channel. I loved to see the models walk the runway and check out all the clothing they used to wear.

What career field were you in before stepping out to start your own business?
I was in the medical field.  As much as I wanted to step out, take a chance & leave my job, I was eventually  forced out.  I was laid off of my job on Oct 19, 2010.   Believe it or not,  it was actually 3 days before I launched my business online.

What was your "breaking point" when you knew it was time for you to do your own thing?
I just kept feeling the urge to walk off my job.  Everyday I would go to work and pray to God for a clear answer about what I should do.  Ultimately, the choice was made for me.  Two days before I was laid off, I decided I would call it quits at the end of the year.  But I guess God had a different plan for me that I didn't see which allowed that to happen sooner than I thought.   And from that, I was blessed with my own store front!

What has been the best part of stepping out and running your own business? 
The best part is seeing something you have worked so hard for & dreamed of for years finally come to pass. Having the opportunity to do your own thing & knowing that your success lies in your own hands is great.  No more putting so much time, sweat & tears into another company where you're not appreciated.

What advice would you give others ready to step out?
I would tell anyone to face your fears and just do it!  Be prepared for what can come, the good or bad.  Just know you will never know how far you can go if you never try.  Remain very faithful and determined throughout your journey & keep positive people in your corner.  The road to success is not easy but it is very rewarding at the end.

If you are in the Atlanta area, be sure to check out Crystyles Boutique located at:
2115 Piedmont Rd NE. Suite 3106
Atlanta GA 30324
404-249-9333 or 1-800-558-9975
And be sure to check out her online shop here.  This will also be the location where I have my Nneka Saran Atlanta trunk show on April 9! So be sure to stop by and support her new business! Congrats again Crystal!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Nneka Saran NY Trunk Show!

This past Saturday was my NY Trunk Show in Harlem! It was a GREAT turnout and I really had a good time! Thank you to everyone who came out to show support! I really really appreciate it! I didn't get to take as many pictures as I would have liked but I was able to get some! And if you are in the NY area and didn't get to make it to the show, my bags will be at Bebenoir Boutique from now until March 19 so definitely stop by and check them out! On Sunday, I enjoyed a day off and today I'm back to the grind getting ready for my Phoenix Trunk Show! Im really excited about that one because I will get to meet alot of new people!

Oh and we also didn't end up getting much video footage but don't worry, I will have some video for you all to check out soon!  Check out a few other pictures on my Facebook page here. And be sure to friend me too! :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011


My plan to journal a little each day leading up to my trunk show didn't quite work out this go I've barely had time to do anything but sew this week.  Right now, its 1:26am and I took a little break to write this.  I'll prob be up another hour or two...depending on how tired I get.  I've always been a night owl so this isn't really late to me. After you stay up late a few nights back to back, the body seems to adjust.  Anywho, I have two more days to work on things.  I'll tell ya one thing, being a one woman show is no joke!  BUT I cant complain...I do truly enjoy it! And Im really excited about this weekend! Im hoping to see alot of friends and hopefully plenty of new faces as well! Def check back on next Monday for footage to come later in the week.  Okay ... break over!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Dream Office!

Today while chatting with one of my best friends, Sabrina, she told me how cute the Spanx Headquarters office space in Atlanta is.  So I had to see it for myself. After doing a quick google search, I came across the photos.  When I tell you I LOVE the way this office is decorated, I sooo mean it! I LOVE it and I envision that my headquarters will have a similar aesthetic one day.  Every space down to the kitchen is fabulous! I mean who wouldn't want to go to work here everyday! Check out the photos I found online. The office was designed by Bradley Hughes.


NY AREA:  Dont forget my Nneka Saran Trunk Show is this weekend in Harlem at Bebenoir Boutique (pictured below) from 6 to 10pm! Check out new designs, special discounts, and giveaways! 

Address: 2164 Fredrick Douglass Blvd, New York NY

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

As you can imagine, Ive been pretty busy getting ready for this weekend's trunk show! But I did have make time to head out to a nice dinner with my hubby for pre-Valentine's day.  Here is a pic of us below:

On this day of love, be sure to celebrate ALL the people you love in your life (whether that includes a significant other or not)!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Inside my Preparation for NY Trunk Show

Next weekend is my NY Trunk Show at Bebenoir Boutique in Harlem so I've been spending the the past few weeks getting bags ready. Usually I like to have at least 30 bags to showcase for sell and I'm a little over half way to that goal with about 1.5 weeks left to finish. Needless to say, I'll be sewing all day every day until next Saturday! :)  The great thing about my trunk shows is that I have a lot of bags there I don't post people usually like that. I'm also planning to do some video footage of the event so stay tuned for that as well! I'm really excited about it!

I usually work in pure madness...meaning fabric, leather and notions all over the place.  I like to see fabrics and color laid out all around me... for some reason it helps me come up with designs.  Also because I have soooo much fabric...sometimes I'll forget about some pieces if I don't physically see it laying around.  Check it out....And this is the neater part of my workroom. I dare not show you the entire

My plan is to journal each day a little about my preparation the week leading up to each event I do.  And just a reminder, here are some of my upcoming events and dates:

Feb 19, 2011 - NY Trunk Show @Bebenoir, 2164 8th Ave, New York, NY
March 11, 2011 - Phoenix Trunk Show @White House, Scottsdale AZ
April 9, 2011 - Atlanta Trunk Show @Crystyles Boutique, Atlanta GA
May 2011 - Richmond, VA Trunk Show (details to come)
June 5, 2011 - Ultimate Trunk Show NY @Dumbo Loft, Brooklyn NY

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

REDEDICATION: My Husband's Book

On May 1, 2011, I am very proud to announce that my hubby, Armond, will be releasing his first published book entitled "Rededication: A Story of Sex, Repentance and Restoration."  As the title suggests, Rededication is a book that takes the reader on a journey with a young man who finds himself wrestling to reconcile his sexual desires with his spiritual convictions.  Everything around him said that sex before marriage was ok.  But, everything inside of him said that God's command still prevailed.  This young man was Armond and in 2008, at the instruction of God, he began to pen his personal testimony of deliverance from sexual sin.  As some of you know, by the grace of God, we remained celibate during our courtship before marriage. 

To check out more info on his book or to become a publication partner, check out  Thanks in advance for your support! God bless!

And stay tuned for pictures from his Book Signing Event I'm planning in May!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nneka Saran on Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns

Check out a few screen shots of one of my bags on an episode of Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns!

(around 1:24 -1:27 mark)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weather blues.....

Gosh, I am sooo over this weather we have over here on the east coast.  Seems like we have had some kind of snow or ice every week for the past month.  However, keeping things in perspective, I am thankful and blessed to have shelter from it all.  It breaks my heart to think about all those homeless people who are on the streets with no where to go.  All the more reason, I hope the groundhog is right about us having an early spring! But thats up to the good Lord.  The only thing the snow is really good for is skiing which we did this past weekend and had a blast!!

I really hate to rush time along but I seriously need to experience some warm weather ASAP!
Enjoy the rest of your week!
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