Monday, September 20, 2010

Princess & the Frog Party

This past weekend was the Princess and the Frog Party I decorated for 4 year old Cadence and it turned out great! As you remember, awhile ago I posted a message looking for people in the Philadelphia area who needed help decorating an event.  Well in addition to posting it here, I also (aganist the wishes of a few of my friends lol) decided to post it on Craigslist too.  From that posting,  I was contacted by a lovely lady looking to have a Princess and the Frog themed party for her soon-to-be 4 year old daughter and 7 of her lil friends.  Turns out we go to the same church and we are sorors (shout out to all my Deltas)!  How ironic is that?

I had a great time planning this party and the mother was great to work with! Lil Cadence has food allergies so her mother cooked all the delicious food for the party and we gave them cute little names.  Check out some of the pics!

Welcome Sign I made for the party

I spray painted this frame lavendar to go with theme

Check out the centerpiece for table.  I thought the frogs were too cute! They were silver, I spray painted them green! Remember spray paint is your friend! lol

Full table set up

Table setting...check out the butterflies I attached to each cup!

Food table


Wooden letters I spray painted and covered in glitter. Of course, the birthday girl gets to keep this for her room! :)

Birthday sign

Cupcake stand with Princess Tiana topper

Cant have a Princess and the Frog Party without Beignets!

Swamp Dip & Mardi Gras Salad :)

Frog Legs (Chicken Strips)

Lavendar Lemonade

Mama Odie's Water Potion

Favor Bags

Chair covers with glitter ribbon around each

A special message from Prince Naveen

Aaaah the cute lil birthday girl, Cadence

My next kid birthday party is in October with a bumble bee theme! Stay tuned! :)


  1. Another job well done! I love the centerpiece. I have to ask.. How do you get those perfect circles (like those on the welcome sign)??. I want to do a banner with circles hanging from ribbon for a cute as a button themed baby shower.

  2. Thanks!! I did the circles with a Craft Punch. You can order them online or get them from Micheals or any other store similar to it. They come in different sizes. Hope that helps :)

  3. First of all, heeeey Soror, as you know I love your work and this party was absoulty perfect, you did a great job.


  4. Absolutely adorable Nek....great job!

  5. Great job. You made everything look perfect and you paid attention to detail. Can't wait to see what's next.

  6. You did an incredible job! You're hired for my wedding!

  7. OMG, I wished I had found your site before 10-9-2010. Just helped my husband's cousin with her wedding. We made the wedding flowers, wedding cake and centerpieces because she too was on a budget. I was glad to make the cake, I've been making wedding cakes for a hobby for over 25 years. I love your work. Outstanding.

  8. You are AMAZING! And, a lifesaver because I am going to use MANY of your ideas for my daughter's 3rd birthday! OMG! I'm going to incorporate yours with mine and it's going to be fabulous. Thank you SO MUCH! You are OUTRAGEOUSLY TALENTED...

    AND A GODSEND You are now on my Favorites on my IPAD. Thanks.

  9. Hi Nneka,
    Where did you get the grass and wire mannequin?

  10. Where id you get the mannequin? I love it!

  11. Where can I find the water label that you made? I super love it..

  12. Hi, just wondering where you found the metal dress centerpiece. Thanks in advance.


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