Friday, December 4, 2009

MY WEDDING DRESS - Vendor Review:

I cant say enough great things about the place I got my wedding dress from. Julius Bridal is run by Julius and his wife and they were sooo nice to work with. I initially found out about them from my BF, Jackie. She had a friend who ordered her wedding dress online from them. When I went on the website, I noticed they had tons of dresses that were really reasonably priced but I had already put a deposit down on a dress I "thought" I liked alot. Once I looked further on the site, I realized they had a physical location in Long Island, NY. They are located inside of a full service bridal center and their showroom is beautiful! There was one dress I saw online that I was particularly in love with so that was the first one I tried on... and there was no need to try on anything else after that! I LOVED LOVED LOVED it!
And that is definitely the feeling a bride should have when choosing a gown. The first dress I put a deposit on... I liked but definitely didnt really love it. Sooo needless to say, I was so happy that I found my dream dress!

At the time I purchased it, it was only $799 !!!!!!!!!
Not to mention, the price even included alterations!
Here is a pic of the front and back of my dress from the website.
FYI: This dress is now $1399 (so I guess it went up shortly after I purchased mine) Julius did tell me this is a very popular dress.

Also, if you want to design your own dress, you can send them the sketches and they will make it for you! I would definitely recommend Julius Bridal if you are looking for a wedding gown. Im telling you, they are super great to work with. And dont be thrown off by the website. Its pretty basic, nothing over the top. But they have a large variety and very reasonable prices.

If you are in the NY area, you can check them out at:
Elegant Affairs & Bridal Center
Address: 221 Atlantic Avenue
Oceanside, NY 11572
Phone: 516-208-7620
(ask for Julius Bridal)

Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Fri. 11:00 A.M. till 8:00 P.M.
Thursday and Saturday -- 12:00 P.M. till 9:00 P.M.
Sunday 12:00 P.M till 6:00 P.M.

If you are not in the NY area, check out the website

I still haven't gotten our professional pictures back yet, but here are a few pics of me wearing the actual dress! I truly loved it and got sooooo many compliments on it (even from guys) LOL


  1. I saved this to my "favorites". Hopefully I will be able to order from this site (God willing, one day). Thank you for sharing!! xoxo

  2. OWW! $799 including alterations is pretty sweet for a gown like that...and I do alterations in a bridal shop, so I should know! I hope you had a KILLER bustle or at least a reception dress...that train is SERIOUS! You wer definately serving glamour at your wedding, girl!

  3. No prob Candace! And you def will be able to order from this site one day SOON!! :)

    Thanks ARTina! Yes it was def a steal...and the bustle worked out really well too! :)

  4. Hey, I'm looking at that dress as an option right now. But, I'm kind of confused about how the bottom flows. The pictures on the Julius sight don't quite show the dress fully extended. I couldn't see where the pick ups began and ended. Your pictures gave me a better idea of the flow. Do u have anymore close shots of u in the dress? I really would love to see them. It would help me soooo much. *Bride October, 23 2010*

  5. Hi, again! I would also like to know if the dress ran small or tru to size?

  6. Hi Shopalong! Sorry Im just seeing your comment. They fitted me for the dress exactly to my size so Im not sure how it runs really. I have a few more shots I could send you. Just email me

  7. This is one of the worst companies I've ever had to deal with. I don't mind if a company makes a mistake or just plain sucks because I know we all make mistakes, and we all suck at times, but honestly, Julius Bridal is a DISASTER! They were responsive in the begging and when we decided to order a dress, they charged us $805.00. After that, it was EXTREMELY rare to ever get any type of response. After waiting for longer than they said to receive the dress, we asked for the tracking number so we could see where it was at. Allison (the Director of Sales) said they didn't have one.. Seriously? What business "doesn't have a tracking number" for a customer who is ordering a product and having it shipped? Days later, we finally received a small box from China with the dress smashed and wrinkled inside. Long story short, it was a DISASTER and nothing like what their pictures show and what they say they're going to give you! They'll take your money for their "originally designed dresses", then send the request to "production" in China, and have it made for half the cost or less, and pocket the rest for themselves. We sent the dress back TWICE and confirmed via UPS that they had received it. Each time we sent it back, they held it for 6 weeks and refused it so it got sent back to us, and they ignored ALL of our e-mails and ALL phone calls!!!. After 11 months of filing compaints with the BBB, PayPal, the Attorney General Andrew Cuomo (NY), and our bank, we were finally able to get our money back (and not willingly from Julius Bridal). Take EXTREME caution before dealing with this death trap!!

  8. Oh wow... sounds like you had an awful experience with them! So sorry to hear that :(
    Maybe they are different when you order stuff online vs going directly to them. I was able to go to the showroom and handle everything with them directly and I also dealt with them 3 years ago so Im not sure what has changed since then.


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