Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DIY Christmas Wreath

Christmas time is here! Yayy! Hands down, Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year! As you noticed, Christmas decorations are everywhere now and its tempting to buy all those cute decorations out there but remember, there are some things you can actually make yourself! Why buy a $40 wreath when you can DIY!

Check out the wreath I made for only $13 in supplies! Super easy and quick to do and looks just as good for over half the price!

30 inch wreath (on sale AC Moore $4.99)
Artificial flowers (I used silver poinsettias $7.00 - on sale at Michaels)
Silver Christmas tree ornaments ($1.00 - Target)
Green florist wire (already had)

1.  First cut all your flowers off the bunch and put in a pile.
2.  Cut off a good length of green florist wire and wrap it around the base of your first flower head then attach it to wreath as desired.
3.  Continue doing this around the whole wreath. Use same process for attaching ornaments to wreath too.

4.  Once it looks pretty full and as you desire, you're all done! Easy peezy! :)

I only bought one pack of the ornaments but I may go get some more and fill it in with a few more of the silver balls.  Other than that, I'm pleased...and for $13 and about 20 minutes of my time, I cant complain! lol 


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