Monday, February 28, 2011

Say What? Love at first sight…...

It felt as though I met my soul-mate or something.  I mean, my heart began to flutter, birds began to chirp, and I think I even heard a harp playing soft gentle music the moment we met.  There I was in Borders Bookstore, searching for my favorite monthly magazines minding my own business, when my eyes fell upon: Munaluchi Bridal!! “….for the bride who craves culture and style”.  And that’s exactly what this magazine delivers.

The pretty shiny cover that featured the gorgeous LaLa Vazquez (Carmelo Anthony’s Wife), in her Vera Wang gown, is what first caught my eye.  Immediately I began to flip through the pages and that’s when the indulging began.  Page after page unveiled beautiful women of color in stunning gowns and bridesmaid dresses.  It featured cute shoes, flowers, and of course engagement rings; I couldn’t get enough!

Oh, and Munaluchi also covers venues, cakes, invitations, decorations, and basically all things bridal.  Need I mention, this issue features 78 pages of real weddings, including a DIY wedding they titled “Urban Chic”, which totally reminded me of Nneka ;) 

I so love this magazine!  The only thing is, Munaluchi is published a mere 2 times a year, which is a complete bummer, yet since I adore it so much I won’t complain.  So check it out!  And FYI, they accept real wedding submissions!  Who knows, you may be in their next issue ;)  Maybe I’ll be in there too, then again  I guess I should get engaged first, lol!

Forever Chic,
Crystal Pearl

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