Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Mom's 60th Birthday

My mom back in the day
So this past weekend was my mom's birthday and I put together a very small surprise gathering at a restaurant.  I think she had a hunch that I was planning something but nevertheless, it turned out great! She had a blast!

I got my good friend Kendra of Keshajo Bakes to make the cake.  This is my friend who was on TLC's Next Great Baker reality show.  She does really awesome work and you guys didn't even get a taste on the show of what she is really capable of doing!  I told her my mom loves to sing. She's been in numerous bands when she was younger but now she sings in the church choir so I wanted something with music notes and a microphone. So this is what she came up with:

My mom and everyone loved it!! 

I also put together some little favor bags which included some of my mom's favorite snacks.  I decided to use a throwback picture for the bag label. Check it out:

Close up of pic

Group Shot
We had a blast and most importantly, my mom had a great time!! Love ya mama! :)


  1. It looks like you had an amazing celebration. I love your creativity!

  2. Happy Birthday to your Mommy! My mom will be 60 in July!


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