Thursday, May 12, 2011

Stepping Out on Faith: Andrea Fairweather Bailey

Today's Stepping Out on Faith feature is on celebrity makeup artist, Andrea Fairweather Bailey of Fairweather Faces.  

Passion: Makeup Artistry
Former Job:  Dancer/Actress
When did you discover your passion for makeup? 
I discovered my passion for makeup after college. However I was always interested in color. As a child,I used to draw and play with crayons. As a teen, I would do my nails and my friends' nails. I still get excited when I see colors in any form: sunsets,flowers,makeup colors,nail polishes,handbags,etc.

What career field were you in before stepping out to start your own business?
I was a performing artist-dancer/actress, before I started to do makeup as a profession. I was working at a makeup counter in a department store prior to starting Fairweather Faces.
What was your "breaking point" when you knew it was time for you to do your own thing?
The 'breaking point' that moved me to start Fairweather Faces came in the form of frustration. I was tired of having my ideas used and not receiving any compensation or credit. I was also disgusted with the prejudices within the industry. Often times, women of color do not get their fair share of compensation nor accolades within the beauty world. I just had enough and felt it was time to step out on faith and move in the direction God was leading me.
What has been one challenge in stepping out  and running your own business?
One challenge I have faced in running my own business is creating a balance to please others. The challenge to take care of the clients and my artists was constantly on my mind where I just could not allow myself to relax. It was difficult.
What has been the best part? 
The best part of owning Fairweather Faces has been to witness the beautiful transformations of the clients and the growth of the artists. It is a priceless experience when you have made another happy because they look and feel beautiful.
What advice would you give others ready to step out? And specifically those who are interested in becoming a celebrity makeup artist?
The advice I can give to anyone who is ready to step out in their respective field would be to have a strong relationship with God. It is vital to be able to carry out one's purpose in life, have peace and guidance along the way and have a refuge to heal. The best decisions I have ever made came directly through prayer and meditating on God's Word. I have seen the power of it and witnessed my dreams (which I thought at times were impossible) become possible because of my faith in God.
My advice to those who are interested in becoming celebrity makeup artists is you must develop a thick skin. It is never about you. It is always about the client. It is a profession of service.Your talent can make or break their image. Therefore you must stay current and strive to always give your best.  The talent is in your hands.
To check out more info on Andrea and Fairweather Faces, check out her website:
And while you are there, make sure you show support and pick up some of her fabulous Fairweather Faces makeup brushes! I got my set last week and love them!


  1. Nneka, thank you for the inspiration and the reminder that through faith in God, anything is possible. Andrea, your story is inspiring. I wish you much success!

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