Monday, August 8, 2011

Little Girl Bedroom Redesign PICS!

Here are the pics I promised from the little girl bedroom redesign I did last week.  I had sooo much fun doing this! Big thanks to my hubby for helping me out with some of the painting and stuff. 

I kept the current set up the same for the furniture because it was the most optimal use of the small space.  The client/mother wanted something very girly.  She purchased a new comforter set for her daughter and I decorated around that. 

We decided to do an accent wall behind the bed with wallpaper. This was my first time putting up wallpaper. I used a print from the Easy Wall collection at Sherwin Williams.  It was pretty simple to put up....matching the designs to get a seamless look can get a little tricky..even with the marks that help you. 

I also made a custom first time doing this type of valance. And you guys remember the matching ottoman I reupholstered awhile ago.  

Overall, everything turned out great and my clients and their daughter loved it! The mother even shed a few tears! :)

Me putting up the wallpaper

My hubby painting


  1. Wow. You and your husband did a superb job. It's so freakin' cute and adorable and above all, girly.

  2. I absolutely love what you guys did with Aliyah's room. As I said to her mother " just how a little girls room should look". Great job!!!!

  3. Pretty and too girly. Just apt for you little daughter. I bet she loved this. This was more than two years ago, though. How old is she now? Have renovated her room since then?


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