Thursday, August 2, 2012

Amazing what a lil paint can do!

So we had an ugly built in cabinet that came with our house. My original plan was to destroy it because it def didn't go with the look of the room plus I kinda wanted to do something different in that corner until my friend suggested I keep it.  So I decided to give it a paint job!

Here is how the cabinet looked before:

I decided to use Valspar Satin Java Brown which is a great color that is very similar to the color of a lot of furniture you buy in stores.  I purchased it from Lowes for around $10
Initially, I was going to sand the whole thing then paint it, but I got lazy and decided to paint right over it.

After I finished painting the whole thing, I let it dry overnight then added a few coats of this polyurethane in satin:
Lastly, I switched out the hardware for a more updated look.  And here is the finished product!  Overall, Im very pleased and it looks even better in person.  I'm glad my friend suggested I keep it! :)


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