Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Twin Pregnancy - TRIMESTER 2

For my 2nd trimester, I was still dealing with all day sickness but I learned to manage it a little better. Our anniversary is in October and we had a nice trip to DR planned but due to my constant sickness, we had to cancel that was no fun :(

But once 19/20 weeks hit, the sickness started fading away...THANK GOD!! And I was able to finally experience all the great feelings and energy everyone constantly talks about having during 2nd trimester.  Also around the same time, I felt the twins first flutter in my stomach! Amazing feeling! AND we also found out our babies were 2 girls!! We honestly thought it would be a boy and a girl but we were happy either way!

My goal was to finalize nursery design and get that done before my energy ran out as well as figure out my plans for our baby shower. Yes, I took on the responsibility of decorating my own baby shower.  I know I know Im crazy lol

Highlights of Trimester 2:
* Morning sickness/all day sickness finally went away around Week 20
* Felt first flutter 
* Found out we were having twin GIRLS
* Energy
* Cravings: None really... except slushies and cold stuff
* Weight loss
* Started working on nursery
* Started planning baby shower

1 comment:

  1. Best wishes for your pregnancy and nursery.
    Don't forget to have fun and take lots of pictures at the shower.


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