Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Looking for a Wedding Videographer?

Okay just like the photographer hunt... it was pretty hard finding a reasonably priced videographer too that was available to do our wedding! After contacting numerous companies, we finally came across The Pros (www.thepros.com). They actually offer photography, videography, and dj services across the country. They have tons of different packages ranging from $795 to $2195 for videography. Our videographer was Rick Flowe based out of Richmond, VA. You can check out his personal website here: www.flowemotionpictures.com

He was so great to work with and he did an awesome job on our video! We just got it back yesterday and it was like reliving the whole day all over again!

SIDENOTE: My husband was dead set against us paying for a videographer but after he realized I was not budging on having a video... he gave in. But he was so happy that we ended up getting it after it was all said and done! If I can stress the importance of nothing else, definitely do what you have to do to make sure getting a videographer is in your wedding budget if at all possible. You wont regret it...and you will always have it down the line to show your kids and grandkids!

Now if I was really technologically advanced....I could add a clip of our video...but since Im not.... you'll just have to take my word! :)

Again, check out www.thepros.com if you are looking for a videographer!!!

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