Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Dream Machine

So the other day while dropping off my sewing machine at the shop for maintenance, I was introduced to my "Dream Machine".   I've always wanted to get another sewing machine... something that could handle more heavyweight projects.  And what do I come across in the store..... the Bernina 330! Isn't she a beauty!! I even took a "test drive" of her and wow is there a difference from my machine! Bernina is one of the top brands of sewing machines but they aren't cheap.  This new 3 series starts around $800 but if you are an avid sewer, you'll get your money's worth from it!

I'll be paired up with my dream machine one day! Until then....I'll keep dreaming! :)


  1. I want a sewing machine sooo bad, glad to know what to buy when I decide to make that purchase...

  2. Yeah its a great machine! Well worth the money! :)


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