Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Experience at Project Accessory Casting - NY

So on this past Saturday, I went to the casting for Lifetime's spinoff to Project Runway, Project Accessory! Although, I've never had dreams of being on tv let alone a competition show, I figured ...hey this is the year of stepping out on faith and living fearlessly in the pursuit of my dreams so the least I could do was try, right? The worse thing they could say is NO.  I woke up at 4am ...drove from Philly to NY.  I got there around 6:30am and expected the line to already be around the building... but there were no large crowds...just a few people standing in line. I was #4.  By the time everything started around 9am, to my surprise there was still no large crowd of people in line.  It may have been about 35-40 people or so.

One of the production crew starts handing out wrist bands, then we were allowed to go in the building...a few at a time.  We head up to the 4th floor and check in at a table where they ask you a few questions. The woman who handled me was sooo nice! She was really hype and enthusiastic which was encouraging.  Next we go down to the waiting area next to the room where the casting/auditions actually take place.

While waiting, we got to talk to the other hopefuls....check out each others work and try to get rid of any nerves we had.  The first girl who went into the room with the judges looked like a split image of Rachel Zoe and she was decked out in a black dress & stilettos.  She came with bags, shoes, and jewelry she designed along with 2 bags full of huge portfolios.  We all kinda figured she was a shoe in ....and sure enough she came out with an envelope.  Basically its just like American Idol...you either get a envelope/yellow paper (IDOL) or you don't.  

So finally my turn comes, I was really nervous...but once I walked in I just started talking. They really liked my work but because I only brought one thing and one style...they told me they couldn't cast me just on that and needed to see some more of what I could do.  I kinda assummed before going they probably wanted people who did a lil bit of everything ...shoes, bags, jewelry etc... but since they didn't state that it was a requirement in the application, I figured I'd try. But turns out, they are looking for people who do a lil bit of everything  (at least that's how it seemed to me) which makes total sense for a show like that.  Alot of people came with only one thing...either they did jewelry, shoes or bags...so I guess if we all knew they really seemed to have wanted a combination of everything, it would have eliminated a lot of people from even trying .  They did give the bags I brought wonderful compliments and told me they would definitely rock them so that was nice to hear! :)

So no reality tv for me but I'm totally glad I went! It was a really cool experience and I am perfectly fine with not making it.  It will be great to see who they end up casting and what everyone does.  The GREAT thing though is one of my friends made it to the 2nd round!! So I'll be rooting for him hoping he makes the actual show...which I think he will!! Either way, I'll be watching it...cant wait!! :)

Never get discouraged in the NOs of life.... a YES could be just around the corner! 

Castings were at Yotel in NY ... this was the line when I left out around 10:30am


  1. Nneka... I am happy for you... glad that I have the chance to know you before you reach stardom. I think this is awesome... you will make that reality show one day and I can't wait to see it.

  2. Hi Nneka, It really was quite an experience. I went to the casting in L.A and told that they would let me know, of course we all know what that means in Hollywood!! I am so glad I went and it gave me so much more confidence even though they didn't pick me, hey at least they didn't tell us we sucked right?? But I am one who does only jewelry, at least for right now, who knows what could happen! Good luck to you, your bags are awesome!! Maybe we'll meet on season 2!!


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