Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thrift Store Chair Redo- Finally FINISHED!

So you guys remember this old ugly chair I got from the thrift store right?

This chair was the first of this style I have ever I was definitely up for the challenge! Not only did it have an upholstered front and back, the cushions were tufted too.  It was quite fun taking it all apart and redoing it. I have all intentions of doing a tutorial on how I did this revamp but I will have to post that later because trying to figure out how to explain everything in writing takes a long  So check out how it all came together!

Had to strip it all down. Then I sanded it really well and spray painted it silver. This chair has been thru it in its former I couldn't sand all the knicks out of it...and the paint actually highlighted all the imperfections even more...but I guess it gives it a little 


Back view of chair
This one took me awhile to complete but I'm quite proud of my work since this was my first time attempted this style! This beauty will be in my office. Next project is to make a matching side table! Stay tuned for that and the tutorial! :) 


  1. Nneka, the results of your revamp was totally worth the wait! The transformation is amazing! I have some dining chairs I want to redo, and have no clue where to begin! I'll have to find a few chairs to practice on first!

  2. What! The chair looks beyond awesome. OMWord. Lovelovelove.


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