Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NOMINATE a Phenomenal Woman WINNER!!!

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Anna Aisha Manns for being selected as our Phenomenal Woman Winner!

Her best friend, Beth, submitted her for the contest.  It was a tough decision but this entry received the most votes out of them all. Check out Beth's submission about this phenomenal woman!

Not many people can be truly beautiful inside and out, but my best friend, Dr. Anna Aisha Manns, is because of her amazing heart, strength, and her drive.
Her amazing heart: In May 2011 I traveled for work, because I have been taking care of my mother I asked Aisha to help watch my mom by giving meds, cooking, etc. On the day of my return my mom passed way, Aisha was the one that found her. My flight returning home was already in the air and by the time I landed she had the coroner come, had the death certificate signed, and a list of funeral homes ready with the recommendation of which one is best based on cost and customer service. She picked me up from the airport and broke the news to me, can you imagine how hard it was to tell your best friend of more than a decade something like that? Needless to say the days following when I couldn’t get out of bed, she crawled in with me.
Her strength: Her courage got me through the hardest time in my life, which reminded me that throughout everything, good or bad, she has always been there. She became my rock and I can never repay her for that.
Her drive: My BFF has lupus; I have seen her sick, pale, and even struggling. But she still pushed herself through college and became a Doctor, and I have watched her achieve certifications in which only few in the USA have!
She’s honorable, kind, amazing… a superwoman. And I’m glad to have her as a sister.


  1. Beautiful! Friends are indeed priceless : )

  2. Sooo happy for my BFF! She truly deserved this, and a special thank you for running such an inspiring contest. #Friendship

  3. Congrats to her! Wishing her all the best!!!


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