Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Stepping Out on Faith Journey - Step 1

Me @ 5 years old
As I told you guys last week, Im going to start journaling my journey as I step out on faith to pursue my passion!  Remember, I'm a work in progress ....and this is just my experience.... so here goes! :)

God gives us all gifts and although some people have yet to figure out what their gift is.... we ALL have one or two or three! Once we have discovered what our gifts and passions are its up to us to figure out what to do with them.  I have always been big on having faith.  But as the bible tells us, faith without works is dead! (James 2:20) That basically means we can have all the faith in the world...but faith alone wont cut it...we are going to have to put some action behind it. 

Growing up, although I always knew I loved doing creative things, I always thought my career path would involve me working for a company and moving up the corporate ladder.  Funny enough, it never even crossed my mind that I could actually work for myself one day doing something I love!  But time goes on and before you know it, Ive graduated from college, started my career, and am genuinely excited about working in corporate America.  Then years go by and I realize more and more each day I have no passion for what I'm doing.  I used to drive to work with tears streaming down my face some days because I felt so strongly that my time there was up.  But then I felt conflicted because although I discovered what truly makes me happy, I felt I was being ungrateful for the job I had.  By most peoples standards, my job was great....flexible schedule, company car, great benefits, etc.  And in this day and time when people are struggling to find work, how dare I complain simply because I cant do what I'm passionate about.  This is what life is about, right...doing things and working in jobs you have no zest or passion for?  WRONG!

I think Step 1 in stepping out for me (before taking any action) was first realizing and truly believing in my heart that did NOT have to be my reality! And it doesn't have to be yours either!

Stay tuned......

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  1. Hi! So blessed to start my day with this beautiful inspiration. Thank you, Nneka! God bless you!


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