Monday, November 29, 2010


Sooooo, Im finally ready to unveil a few of my new bags to you all! My site should be up soon but in the meantime, you can make purchases on my Etsy page here OR email me (NNEKAH@GMAIL.COM)  to place an order! (All items made-to-order)

When asked what inspires me for the bags I make, I always tell people...FABRIC.  I really draw inspiration from fabrics I see.  Either it speaks to me or it doesn't and I know right away! This season, I was drawn to alot of prints, knit fabrics, and textured leathers.  I think a handbag really shows a woman's personality.  My bags usually speak to women who don't mind standing out, who like to be a little daring, have an edge, and just love unique pieces!

All my bags are handmade and made in LIMITED usually once its gone, its gone.  But the beauty in that is that you can be sure you wont run into 100 other women with your bag on! :)

So check out my new bags and I'd love to hear what you think! Also, remember I will constantly be adding new bags so keep check regularly on my sites! And I'll def let ya know when me official site is up!

P.S. Bare with me..these pics were taken by me with  my lil camera. In my opinion, they really dont do the bags justice but I should have the professional pics up soon! :)

SOLO Foldover Clutch - $150 (LIMITED EDITION)
REBEL Foldover Clutch - $140
TRACEE Foldover Clutch
DIVINE Foldover Clutch - $125
SOL-CHILD Foldover Clutch - $125
CHARM Foldover Clutch - $125

FEVER Foldover Clutch - $125


  1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! These are soooo haute! I love 'em all!!!

  2. WOWWWWW! Okay, I like SEVERAL of them! My faves are: SOL-Child, DIVINE (in purple), and BOTH Fever bags. Work it out sis!! They're all wonderful...

  3. You are sooooooo talented girl. I love them all! Thay are beautiful.

  4. Nneka's back! Yay! They're beautiful! Love them!! I'm trying to decide which one to get...


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