Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 5: O.W.L.

Today is day 5 of Operation Weight Loss...and Im officially a little over 4 lbs lighter since Monday mornings weigh in.  Not too bad.  My goal was to drop at least 5 lbs this week. My friends and I are keeping track of the lbs we lose by Saturday of every I'll see if I lose one more lb between today and tommorow and maybe I'll hit me week 1 goal.

I can say the headaches finally went away so thats a good thing! I did still crave some sweet stuff but thank God I didn't give in.  I did however cheat a lil by eating a few tortilla chips one day but I guess it didn't hurt me too much. I also worked out 4 times this week so I'm sure that helped too.  Next week, I'm supposed to continue with Phase 1 but I have been reading that some people suggest not even doing Phase 1 of South Beach and skipping to Phase 2 as its a more realistic and healthy way of eating and dieting.  So we'll see if I skip to Phase 2 or just stick it out for my last week of Phase 1. I'll keep you posted.

Nicole Murphy - this woman's body is the truth ESP after kids!
To help with staying motivated, one good thing to do is to post a picture of yourself the size you want to be. You can use an old picture of yourself or a picture of a celebrity.  Keep it up on the frig, bathroom mirror, on your desk, pretty much wherever you are going to constantly see it! This should help keep you on track a lil when you are ready to give in to temptation!! BUT if you do have a bad day, dont beat yourself up about it. Pull a double at the gym and keep it moving!! Every day is a new day!!

Have a great weekend yall!

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