Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bag of the Day

Today, I'm starting a new feature...Bag of the Day! Once or twice a week,  I will feature a bag and my inspiration for making it!  Anyone who orders it the day its featured gets 10% off the price and FREE shipping! How great is that!? :)

Today's bag of the day is the Boyfriend clutch.  I only have 1 left so don't wait forever to move on this one! It was made with a beautiful textured leather and a bow accented with lambskin leather and gold hardware.  This is one of my favorite styles because it has such a rugged, yet girly look! Not to mention, its super spacious and has an inside pocket.

Boyfriend Clutch, $139

To order this bag and get special deal, email me at TODAY!

Update: SOLD!!


  1. You are getting better with time! That bag is amazing!

  2. Love that clutch too. SOLD! :( for me but :) for you.

  3. I love this bag Nneka! Let me know if you make a similar one soon :)


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