Friday, March 18, 2011

Little Girl Room Project

Yesterday I had an appointment with my client to go over the design I came up with for her beautiful 6 yr old daughter.  I'm so happy she loved all my ideas! Excited doesn't even began to describe my feelings about this project! Alot of you may know...little girls and girly things are my heart. But I do love little boys too! :)

One thing I plan to incorporate in the room is wallpaper. When I tell you I LOVE wallpaper, I really do! There are soo many options out there nowadays.  One of the best things ever in the world of wallpaper is the Easy Change line at Sherwin Williams.  If any of you have dealt with regular wallpaper before you know its nothing short of a nightmare to get it down and off your walls without losing some hair in the process! But with this new Easy Change line at Sherwin Williams.... its easy to put up and take down.  I haven't used it yet but I plan to soon. Based on the reviews I've read on it, it seems to work well but we shall see.

Below is a pic of me getting a visual (wallpaper samples, fabric, paint swatches, etc) for some of the ideas I came up with to go with the new comforter set my client just purchased for her daughter's room.

TIP: Whenever you are decorating a bedroom, purchase your bedding first and decorate around it.  Generally, its much easier to match your paint and decor to your bedding than it can be to match your bedding to your paint and decor.  

Stay tuned for how the room comes together! I cant wait! 

Oh and meet my new BFF, Stapy ( I know its an ugly name but its the closest thing to stapler I could think Anywho, Stapy is my brand new electric staple gun! I got her yesterday and she is the best thing ever esp when you are doing upholstery projects! Using a manual staple gun for awhile can give you some serious hand cramps so I decided to do a little upgrade.  And for only $29.99 you too can have a Stapy! :) 
Purchased at Lowes

Have a blessed weekend yall! :)


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