Monday, October 26, 2009


Im officially back from our honeymoon and we had a GREAT time! The wedding was a dream come true. It totally came together as I envisioned it and all on a budget!!! Cant beat that! ;)

Im so thankful to the Lord for blessing me with such great family and friends who came out to support us. And most importantly, Im so grateful for my wonderful new husband, Armond! Love you babe!

So stay tuned because I will be updating my blog with all the things I did for my wedding as well as pics of course!!

Mrs. Nneka H Mosley (wow, Im a "mrs." now) Lol


  1. Welcome back, Mrs. Mosley! Congratulations 1000x!

  2. Yayy you're back! I just told Karee today that Nneka needs to hurry up and get back on her blog! Love the invitations and program!

    Oh and I'm ready for my bag when you are...I'm tired of Tish showing hers off!

    Take care...Shae

  3. Thanks yall! Too funny Denisha!! Yeah I will be back on my bag grind soon! Will keep ya posted! :)


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