Wednesday, October 28, 2009


As I blog about everything I did for my wedding, I will review some of the vendors or companies I used. Todays Vendor Review is on! DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!! I repeat DONT SUPPORT THIS COMPANY!!

I placed an order for wedding sparklers on Oct 8, 2009. The website says they ship out of Northvale, NJ....which isnt far from the Philly area so you would think it should not take long to receive it. I JUST received the package on Oct 26...over a week AFTER my wedding! Not to mention, their website told me it shipped a long time ago but I see on the package that the shipping label wasnt even created until 10/22!!! I tried to reach out to the company numerous times via phone and email and to this day have yet to hear back from them. The site says they have great customer service but thats definitely not the case!!

So if you do decide to buy something from them, keep your fingers crossed that you actually get it in a timely manner! I will NEVER shop buy from them again! And will be sure to tell everyone not to buy anything from that site either!!

P.S. This is the only bad vendor review I have :)

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  1. lol--I am so sorry! I like your 'DO NOT BUY.' I guess they should've known who they were dealing with--you selling the sparklers or did you get a refund?


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