Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bridal Shower Chair for Bride-to-Be

Every bride-to-be has to have a special chair at her bridal shower!  Of  course I wanted to come up with something really cute but I didn't quite know what I would do for it.  Then while out fabric shopping in NY one day, I came across this beautiful fabric!!!

Kinda pricey....It ran about $35 a yard but it was screaming for me to take it home so I couldn't let it down right? lol

Anywho, I decided to use this fabric to make a chair cover for the bride-to-be's chair for shower.   I immediately knew I wanted it to kinda look like a wedding dress.  So since I knew we would be renting white wood folding chairs for the shower, I rented one to use for a day and made the chair cover.

First thing I did was make the top portion of the chair cover as seen below:

Next I made the seat cushion and started adding tulle around the bottom as pictured below:

Next I cut some of the flowers from the fabric and added them around the edges of the seat 
cushion to cover the spaces. I also added ribbons on each side so they could be tied under seat to keep cushion in place.

I still had the pins in fabric in this pic, but this is the final outcome. I think it came out too cute! :)


  1. Do you happen to remember how much fabric you purchased?? LOVE it!!

  2. Anybody who is interested in making this - I found a very similar fabric on www.bigzfabric.com for about $20/yard. They have it in all colors, including the white. I'm going to try and make one! LOL. I ordered 2 yards so I'll let you know if that was enough. -Caitlin

  3. That’s a perfect DIY! I was almost done with my sister’s bridal shower decoration and arrangement, but I don’t mind making this chair for her. It actually looks lovely! It took me a very long time to finalize the event venue Atlanta but I still managed to do the rest on time. I don’t mind spending a little more time on this. Thank you so much for this.


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