Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Colored Shoes on Your Wedding Day!

So one big trend right now for brides is wearing colored shoes with your wedding gown! Personally, I LOVE this look (and I did it for my own wedding)! To me, it shows a little of a bride's personality!  But I know there are brides out there who wouldn't dare even think to slip on a shoe any other color than white or ivory and that's perfectly fine.  It isn't for everyone. 

I had a HARD time finding the perfect pink shoes.  I originally wanted a pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes but they were from a past collection and were no longer available anywhere.  I ended up just getting some shoes (pictured to the left) dyed pink twice actually. The first pair wasn't the right shade of pink so I bought another pair and had them dyed the pink I was going for.  But there are tons of options out now! Why is it when you are looking for something you can never find it...and as soon as you aren't looking, you see things everywhere!

I digress.... lol.  Here are a few pics of brides rocking colored shoes with their wedding gowns! Check them out and get inspired! :)

Meg  from www.thesavvysoiree.com

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  1. Love this idea for some reason even though I went the traditional route...


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