Friday, August 13, 2010

On the hunt....

for my next thrift store furniture find! On Saturday, Im going to hit up my fav thrift store and see what I find! As with any kind of shopping its a hit or miss with the thrift store. Sometimes its literally nothing but junk...and sometimes you really run up on some good stuff! I also may try to do a little fabric shopping around Philly.... Im still on the hunt for some inspiring pieces.  Fabric and color really get my juices flowing creatively when it comes to making bags and not much has stood out to me lately... so we'll see what I come across if I head out! Fingers crossed :)

And for all my loyal handbags customers reading this, dont worry.  Amidst all my decorating projects, I haven't forgotten about you! I was working on bags the other night....maybe I'll do a little sneak peak soon! 

Stay tuned and have a great weekend yall! :)

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