Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tiered Cupcake Boxes

One of my favorite projects I did for the all white bridal shower was making a tiered cupcake box! Originally, I thought I would use wood...but that idea was quickly shot down when the guy in Home Depot kindly told me and I quote "I like my fingers" (meaning he would not cut the wood for me in those small sizes). So I had to think of Plan B.  I decided to use cardboard to make the box.  The problem was I couldn't find any boxes in the sizes I needed.  Soooo I had to literally make each box!

I decided to go with 3 tiers. The top tier was 7x7, 2nd tier was 15x15, and bottom tier was  24x24.  I found some sturdy cardboard and cut the pieces for each tier out of it.  See below:

Each box was 5 panels (4 for the sides and 1 for the top...I didn't do a bottom for the boxes)

Making the boxes took a little time and lets just say I was quite tired of cutting cardboard by the time I got to the last set.  Next I had to wrap each panel in the fabric I wanted.  I used spray glue to do this.  Then I basically just put each of the boxes together.  I used a hot glue gun and Tacky glue to bond the cardboard. I also used painters tape and duct tape to reinforce the inside of boxes.  See below:

Once I finished putting the boxes together, it was time to decorate. I decided I wanted to go with some lace around the boxes.  Not only was that to make it pretty but also to help hide some of the corners that didn't bond as smoothly.

After adding the lace, I thought a bow on the top would be fabulous and give it the look of a wedding cake. To top if off I added my broach I used on my own wedding bouquet to the bow and added rhinestones around the top edges of the boxes.

Something still was missing, so lastly I added a few more lines of rhinestones to the front of second tier. And this is the final product :

It took quite awhile to get it done, but I LOVED the way it came out!! What do you think?


  1. Great Job Nek!! You should have added the picture from the event (even tho it's on the blog too) but so people can see just how nice it looked.

  2. I really love your Blog! I've been reading article after article you are truly talented and an inspiration as a follow business women and do-it-yourself-er lol. Keep up the great work!!!

  3. Ahhhh! I can't tell you how thrilled I am that I found your blog!! This cupcake tower is beautiful! Everything on here is beautiful!!


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