Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Look Back : How I Started my Handbag line

I get a lot of emails from people asking me how I started my handbag line.  It's quite funny because I never set out to start a line of handbags.  I've always been into making clothes though.  Back in college, I started a small clothing line I called D.B.N. (Designs by Nneka) ...although I never really had a real collection... lol.  My old college roomie and a few of my other friends may even still have some of the pieces I made.  But I never set out to make bags.  It all started back in 2005 after receiving this sewing machine (pictured above which I still use) from my parents for Christmas the year before.

At the time, I had no clue how that one Christmas gift would change my life.  One day I decided I would finally try to learn how to use the machine and attempt to make a little bag.  I wish I had a picture of my very first bag...lets just say it was 'interesting' .. lol.  After a bit more practice, something clicked and I decided to make about 10 bags just to see if people would buy them. I only charged $20 or so.  I went home to VA one weekend and sold every single bag.  It was then I had my ah-ha moment and decided to continue making them.  To date, Ive probably made over 300 bags. 

It still amazes every time I hear someone tell me how much they love one of my bags!  Its the greatest feeling ever to see someone rock something you made/designed with your own hands! I have some of the best, most loyal customers!  Its also a great feeling to know celebs like Jennifer Lopez likes your work...that doesn't hurt at all, right? :)

Now 5 years later, I'm still doing handbags.  I did take a little break when planning my wedding but I plan to have some new stuff out soon!

Today I'm featuring a few of my personal favorite bags from past collections (2007-2009).  Unfortunately, none of these are available anymore.  So for those of you out there who own one of these, lucky you!! :)

You know whats even sadder, some of the bags I liked the most, I never even made one for myself! Crazy, right? lol

Also, my website should be re-launching soon so stay tuned for that and be sure to join our mailing list at to get updates!

Stay tuned for more info on how to start your own handbag line!


  1. Hi Nneka,

    I love your bag line. Can't wait to add one of your bags to my collection!

  2. You are very talented!!! I love your bags. Wish I can sew and make a bag. I love them all!!!


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