Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cute Dorm Rooms

My lil sister is heading off to college at the end of this month and Im so excited for her! Its been quite awhile since I've been out of college but those were some FUN FUN times! I stayed on campus at Hampton University for my first two years, then ended up transferring to Virginia Commonwealth University and stayed off campus. My roomie and I had our dorm room and apt decorated a little but nothing like these rooms you're about to see! They put our lil dorm rooms to shame! lol

In honor of my lil sister's approaching journey to dorm living, I'm featuring some cool college dorm rooms! I cant wait to go help her move in and decorate her room a little.  This just goes to show that any space, no matter the size can be decorated nicely! :)

Check out these real dorm rooms I got mostly from and get inspired!


  1. Those dorm rooms are fabulous!! I would have had a higher GPA if my room was that fly!


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