Thursday, July 2, 2009

DIY Project #1 - Cupcake Stand

Today Im sharing one of my DIY projects I just did last night! As you know, cupcake towers are really popular now! There are tons of different types and styles you can buy that range anywhere from $15 to $200....but my motto is "If it can me made....try to make it!". The key to DIY projects is not having your project look "homemade"... lol. The greatest compliment to a DIY-er is for someone to think you bought what you have actually made yourself!

Since we are having a cake at my wedding, I requested cupcakes (made by my friend, Candace ( for my bridal shower next month! So we needed a cupcake stand for them so of course I volunteered to make it!! I know I shouldnt be doing anything for my own bridal shower but it really does make me happy making stuff! :)

So here's the skinny on today's DIY project:
Project: Cupcake Stand
Materials needed: 3 Styrofoam discs- different sizes, Vase styrofoam (see pic below), spray glue, scissors, knife, fabric of your choice, 1 inch ribbon of your choice, clear tacky glue, rhinestone trim (Most items can be purchased from Michaels or any craft store)
Cost: About $30 (more if you do rhinestone trim)

Pics of some of the materials:


Check out my almost finished cupcake stand!! I ran out of rhinestones for bottom tier :(

I think it came out pretty cute! Let me know what you think!!
And I'll be sure to post pics when we put it in use!! ;)


  1. Yesssssssssssssss!!!!!Sold!!!!

  2. You did a really good job Nneka!!! Girl - is there anything you CAN'T Do???

  3. Fabulous...Imitation is the biggest form of flattery so...umm...I'm gonna be imitating this project...LOL

  4. Love it! You are so creative girl!!!!


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