Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Wedding Candy Buffet

I've loved candy every since I was a kid! So needless to say, when I first heard about candy buffets at weddings, I told myself I would definitely have one whenever I got married!

Instead of doing favors, we opted to have the candy buffet act as the wedding favor. I bought black boxes from Michaels. They run about $24.99 for 50. But of course, who ever pays full price for something at Michaels? I made sure to use my 40% or 50% coupons. Next, I created the little tags on cardstock and cut them all out. As you can see, having to cut alot is a running theme with a DIY bride. (BLOGGER TIP: Try to get as much as you can printed out early so you wont feel so overwhelmed or get tired of cutting out stuff)

The empty boxes were then placed at each setting at reception. Here is pic of the box with tag:

Although I planned everything myself, I had to hire decorators (shout out to Sheneida Curry & Mrs. Curry) to actually set it all up for me since there was no way I would be able do it all myself. They were great! They set everything up just as I wanted and even added some great touches! Here is how they set up the candy buffet.



Finally, make sure you have a cute little sign for the table! Ours said, "All you need is love...and maybe a little bit of candy" (I picked that up somewhere on the

So here is the breakdown for my candy buffet:
Jars - They range anywhere from $7.99 to $20 at most places. Stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, & Home Goods are GREAT to pick these up inexpensively. Luckily, my decoraters had alot of the jars already so I only had to buy 3.
Candy - Most of the candy was either pink, black or white.
Here is what we had:
Hershey Kisses
Hershey Bliss
Tootsie Roll Pops - wrapped in Damask wrapping paper
Pink Lemonade Gum Balls
Strawberry Tootsie Frooties
Pink Old Fashioned Candy Sticks
Black and White Old Fashioned Candy Sticks
Clear Rock Candy Lollipops
Pink Rock Candy Lollipops
Black and White Salt Water Taffy
Pink, Black, and White M&Ms
Regular Pink Lollipops

Overall, I bought about $250 to $300 in candy I think. And from what I heard from guests, it was a HIT!! People were really filling up those boxes! :)

Here are some websites I used to buy some of my candy:


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