Saturday, June 5, 2010

Deciding What Color to Paint a Room

So you have decided to take that step....leave the world of white walls and finally paint a room or maybe you just decided you want to paint a room a different color than what it is now. Going to the paint store can be quite overwhelming. There are tons of colors and even if you know you want a shade of blue for example, there are hundreds of shades of blue to choose from. So which one should you go with? Well Sherwin Williams has created a tool that can help answer this question for you! Its called the Color Visualizer and it soooo cool! It allows you to upload your own photo of a room and it lets you see how the room will look in various colors!

Here is an example of how it works. First you upload a picture of one of your rooms. Then you have to use the tool to color in the areas you want the new color to cover. Choose the colors you want to try out and you're done. It take a little time but its worth it to get an idea of how your room will look with different paint colors.

Here is an example. This is the original room color:
Now check out the room in other colors:

Pretty cool right!

Check out Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer tool here

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