Tuesday, June 1, 2010

NEW FEATURE: Stepping Out on Faith

Today, I've decided I will start something new..a 'Stepping Out on Faith' feature. Im really excited about this because it will serve as a way to highlight people who have stepped out on faith and pursued thier passion! I truly believe one of the biggest travesties in life is to wake up everyday and go to a job you hate (or maybe you dont hate it but you definitely dont love it). Although, I realize this is a reality for probably at least 80% of the country, there are some people out there who choose NOT to accept it. They have left thier comfort zones and pursued whatever it is they love to do which I think is awesome!! And nothing is more inspiring than to hear about it!

'Stepping out on Faith' is a perfect title for the feature because that is exactly what it is. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. So in essence, when you step out, you really dont know whats to come. You are putting your trust in God and believing He will work it all out! That takes courage and sometimes everyone won't be rooting you on. But I truly believe the Lord wont bless you with a gift or passion and be okay with you not using it! So to all you people out there who have stepped out on faith career wise (or in any way for that matter) and are operating in your gift and passions....hats off to you! :)

If you know anyone who would be great to feature, please email me at nnekah@gmail.com

Stay tuned!

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