Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stepping Out on Faith: Tosheika Goode

Today's Stepping Out on Faith feature is on my longtime friend, Tosheika Goode of Petersburg, Va.

Passion: Hair

At the early age of 10, Tosheika discovered she had a passion for doing hair. By the time she was 12, she was cutting and curling her mom and friends' hair. Recognizing she wanted to learn more about doing hair, she became a shampoo assistant for a well known stylist, Clarke Jenkins, when she was 14. She respected him a great deal and loved his work and creativeness. She became a sponge and soaked up everything she could from him.

Tosheika continued styling hair and ended up working in other shops for eight years (without a license for seven of those years). It wasn't until she pulled out her high school senior book one day and read what she wrote in her future plans section. It said "I will own my own salon before I am 30". It was then she realized it was time for a manifestation of what she had declared years before. She wanted all that God had for her!

In August 2006, she signed up for hair school and graduated that following year with an 'A' average. She took her state board exam in August of 2007 and moved into her salon, Hair Art Studio, in November of the same year! She didn't take out any loans to help open her business, instead she paid for everything on her own. She purchased all new equipment as money was available. A little faith carried her a long way! Hair Art Studio celebrated its official grand opening January 2008 in Petersburg, Va. She has since relocated her salon to the Chester Green Village in Chester, Va where her salon is the only black owned business in that community.

For Tosheika, the best part of stepping out and running her own business is just the thought of knowing that God trusts her with that responsibility. "Who knew that little girl raised in low income housing by a single mother would ever have the potential within to give birth to her vision" she shares.

When asked what advice she would give others ready to step out, she says "My advice to all future and present business owners is to first and foremost put God as the head of your business. Let your tears and fears be your seeds of faith for your harvest. Be very wise in whom you entrust your business to. Pray before you employ others and realize that even though you would love to save and help everyone, this is your business. No matter who comes and goes, that business is your vision so treat it as your treasure. Lastly, remember if God has given you a vision, pray and proceed. There are no limits so live accordingly. And as I learned from my spiritual coach, Bishop Daniel Robertson, do everything with a spirit of excellence".

Over the years, Tosheika has cut, braided, permed, colored and anything else you can think of to my hair. So I can personally vouch for her amazing work! You can check out her awesome skills at:

804 777 9559

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