Friday, June 4, 2010

Home Decor DIY Project: Redecorating Home Office

When I moved in with my husband, I knew I would be making alot of changes to his (now our) home! He had a typical bachelor's pad. It was nice but definitely no bells and whistles going on and Im all about the bells and whistles! lol

So we decided we would tackle one room at a time. One of the first and most important rooms we wanted to do was our home office. I work from home alot and he was in school at the time so we knew it was a room we would both be in alot.

The first thing you have to do when you are redecorating a room is to determine the look you want to go for. The room is kinda small so I really wanted to maximize the space we have. I knew I wanted to have dark wood furniture so we decided to go with a satin mustard yellow color for the walls and a semi gloss white for doors, window frames, and baseboards. I wanted the office to be vibrant, yet warm.

Once we completed everything, I was really pleased with the way it came out and we did it all on a budget! I love working in the office now!

We bought new desks which I assembled! Yes, I assembled them BOTH!! Dont tell anyone, but I have always secretly wanted to be a

Check out the BEFORE and AFTER pics!

BEFORE-a hot

Room cleared out...the hubby is priming walls


AFTER -110% better than BEFORE :)
Check out what channel the tv is on...HGTV but of course! Told ya I love it :)

In case you are interested, here is info on some of the items in our office:
Desks: Staples (caught them on sale for about $179 each including the hutch - regularly priced around $400 for each desk set)
Bookshelf: Lowes $79
Lamp: Lowes $29 or $39
Rug: TJ Max $16.99
Curtains: Ikea $29 per set
Curtain rods: Target $20 or so
Paintings: Already had (got them from Micheals back in college)
Sticks: Cant remember where I got them from but they were inexpensive


  1. Ummmmmm Nneka, this is FABULOUS!!!!!!! Keep it coming, love what yall did to that room.

  2. Get it, Mrs. Nneka. This is great. My mom is actually working on our house. You're such a great inspiration in every aspect. Tell Mr. Armone, I see him working it out!! Hahahaha.


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