Monday, June 7, 2010

My Mini Flower Bed Renovation

Okay so as I told you all before, my hubby had a bachelors pad before I moved in. So needless to say, he did absolutely nothing with the little flower bed of dirt in the back yard. I've never planted flowers or shrubs before but I figured it couldnt be too hard, right?

I really wanted to plant tons of pretty flowers but I figured I'd better keep it simple for now since Im a beginner! lol
Turns out gardening and playing in dirt is pretty fun! But this is coming from a girl who used to love to play in dirt as a kid! I must say its alot of work initially though. I guess once you get everything planted, its just about doing maintenance.

Supplies used: Black mulch, Dupont Weed Control fabric, garden hoe, trowel, shrubs and flowers from Home Depot, and soil (optional)

BEFORE- Nothing but dirt
AFTER- We decided to get some baby shrubs and plant them. They should grow to about 3 to 4 feet tall and fill out nicely.
Then I thought..."Gee it looks really bare" lol ... so I decided to plant a few flowers in between! I planted a few annuals. I really wanted to plant some perrenials but by the time I went to buy them at the store, they all looked half dead :( But these work for now and since they are annuals, I can plant different flowers next year!! (Gardening Terminology: for all you who are new to this world like I was and dont know...Annuals are flowers that only live for one growing season. Perrenials return to bloom each year)

Not a master gardener yet but its a start and 100% better than before! Wouldnt you agree? :)


  1. You did a great job! My new home came with undone flower beds too and I didnt et to them this year thankfully because of the roses that grow anyway, but i will def be doing the same next year!

  2. Thanks! I definitely want to do more myself but Im taking Baby Steps for


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